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We run a changing program of exhibitions throughout the year. We try to showcase a wide variety of work from conceptual to craft and design work, and we work with artists from all over the world. We exhibit works on all kinds of themes, but we are particularly interested in work that responds specifically to the location and its history and to the ideas of Clough and Amabel Williams-Ellis and their children about art, design, architecture, society, politics, planning, science, literature or any other matter they explored in their long and varied careers.

The 'Agored' and 'Agored Ifanc' exhibitions welcome applications from anyone, whether an experienced artist or a first-timer. We will set a theme for these shows which will vary from one year to the next, but based on pieces from the archive, which will be displayed opposite the contemporary works. Within the Open programme, we offer an emerging artist award and a people's award.

For more information about the awards, and how to submit work for the open exhibitions, follow the link to the 'applications' page, below.

We have decided to set a theme each year, going forwards. Items from the Susan Williams-Ellis archive will be curated according to the theme for the year, and this will also be the theme for the open and young open exhibitions. We invite artists who wish to have solo or group shows to consider responding to the theme, if they feel inspired to do so, although this is not a requirement. Events will also be curated to respond to the theme, where appropriate. The themes are deliberately broad and may be interpreted in any way that the artist feels is appropriate. The themes for the next five years are outlined below:

2024: Transformation
2025: Space
2026: Animal / Vegetable / Mineral
2027: Disturbance
2028: The Sea

Upcoming Exhibitions

Susan Williams-Ellis


Throughout 2024

Each year, we choose a theme for all Plas Brondanw exhibitions, including the work of Susan Williams-Ellis.

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John Rowlands

John Rowlands


13/07/2024 - 01/09/2024

John Rowlands improvises, playing with the relationship between pure music and abstract visual art - with a hint of the pictorial in his use of keyboard patterns.

Susan King

Susan King


13/07/2024 - 01/09/2024

Susan King has been spending time with antique African textiles, studying the patterning, the texture and the colours that they contain. This this has inspired her to create a body of work that engages in a dialogue between the woven, the printed and the painted.

The aim is for the play of ideas to develop without specific purpose, allowing for spontaneity and expressivity, moving one process into another on a journey of elements.

The exhibition will display a series of woven and printed wall hangings, painted canvas and framed works.

Behind The Mask

Pantomime / Behind The Mask

Wanda and David Garner

11/05/2024 – 07/07/2024

Drawing inspiration from the ninteenth century illustrations of Pollock's toy theatres, Susan Williams-Ellis created a series of ceramics entitled ‘Pantomime Characters' which were made by Portmeirion potteries in the nineteen sixties and seventies.

These illustrations acted as a springboard for Wanda and David and took them on a journey from early pantomime to a more serious consideration of the masks we all wear.

The final exhibition will be an engaging experience for all ages.

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Ruth Koffer - A colourful place in which to dream

Ruth Koffer - A colourful place in which to dream

26/10/2024 – 16/02/2025

Ruth is a visual storyteller from Aberystwyth. She has been exhibiting widely throughout England and Wales for 25 years and her work is held in various public collections such as Moma Wales and National library of Wales.

She looks for inspiration for her narrative in museums, at festivals, exhibitions, live music events and in books.’ A colourful place in which to dream’ is a collection of collage and drawings developed in response to Portmeirion and Plas Brondanw and was born of her strong feeling of belonging and creative connection when visiting Clough Williams - Ellis estate.

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