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Invitation to Exhibit

We welcome any suggestions and ideas for exhibitions at Plas Brondanw. We are interested in holding solo shows, group shows and collaborations by artists, artisans and designers. We are also interested in multidisciplinary approaches that include more than one art form.

We try to showcase a wide variety of work from conceptual to craft and design work, and we work with artists from all over the world. We exhibit works on all kinds of themes, but we are particularly interested in work that responds specifically to the location and its history, and to the ideas of Clough and Amabel Williams-Ellis and their children. This could include ideas relating to art, design, architecture, society, politics, planning, science, literature, conservation, or any other issue they explored in their long and varied careers.

The idea is to encourage the artists we work with to engage with the work that was done by the Brondanw family, and challenge it or develop it further, update it or reject it altogether, but to consider the heritage of the place in the present moment and consider whether it is relevant for the future. We are looking for honest, insightful and original responses, not unquestioning admiration.

See the 'History and Collections' pages to learn more about the Williams-Ellis family and their work. You are welcome to inquire further about any part of this that interests you, our collections curator will do her best to assist you.

Having said all this, we are also open to the ideas of artists who have nothing to do with the history of the site, provided that the work is original and meaningful.

The other thing that we are keen for artists to consider is whether they are able to offer workshops, talks or other events as part of their time at Brondanw. We put a lot of emphasis on community engagement, and we want to offer people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience the creative process first hand. Please see our ‘events’ pages for more information about this.

We have decided to set a theme each year, going forwards. Items from the Susan Williams-Ellis archive will be curated according to the theme for the year, and this will also be the theme for the open and young open exhibitions. We invite artists who wish to have solo or group shows to consider responding to the theme, if they feel inspired to do so, although this is not a requirement. Events will also be curated to respond to the theme, where appropriate. The themes are deliberately broad and may be interpreted in any way that the artist feels is appropriate. The themes for the next five years are outlined below:

2023: Airbourne
2024: Transformation
2025: Space
2026: Animal / Vegetable / Mineral
2027: Disturbance
2028: The Sea

The Open exhibition is held every year between March and May.

We welcome applications from anyone who has something they would like to exhibit, whether they are an experienced artist or somebody taking their first steps in art. The open exhibition will have a different theme each year, and we will curate parts of the permanent collection to compliment the theme and to display opposite the contemporary works. See the document below for more information, dates and an application form.

For the first time in 2023, we will hold a Young Open show, for people under 18. It will open in November, and run all the way until the main open show in March the following year. We will hold a program of events leading up to this show to encourage young people in the area to prepare work for the exhibition. Keep an eye on our website, or on our social media for more information.

In terms of exhibition dates, there are five main exhibitions each year.

  • March – May – Open Exhibition
  • May – July – Individual or group exhibition of established artists
  • July – September – Individual or group exhibition of established artists
  • September – November – New artist solo or group exhibition (winner of previous year's emerging artist competition)
  • November – March – Young Open Exhibition

If you have an idea for an exhibition, contact our contemporary art curator, Sian Elen on 01766 770590 or email, she will be delighted to hear from you.